Curriculum Overview

Free Level – Understanding The Problem Crypto Solves

One of the biggest barriers to people getting into crypto investing is that they simply don’t understand the problem it solves. These free programs will give you a primer on ‘why’ you need crypto and ‘what’ it is. Then you’ll be ready to move on to the ‘how’.

17 Lessons

Bitcoin: The End Of Money

A 55 minute documentary asking “Is Bitcoin the end of money as we know it?”

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14 Lessons

Hidden Secrets Of Money

A ten part educational TV series uncovering the truth about money

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Starter Level – Investing In Bitcoin

Once you have a firm understanding of the problem that crypto solves you are ready to learn how to invest in Bitcoin using the best performing strategy available.

29 Lessons

Bitcoin Foundation Course

All the practical foundational knowledge you need to get setup from scratch.

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Core Level – Comprehensive Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Investing

Once you have your Bitcoin investing foundation in place you are ready to level up to the world of DeFi investing.

36 Lessons

DeFi Revolution 1.0

Simple ways to go for outsized profit from Decentralized Finance, a money revolution bigger than Bitcoin.

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11 Lessons

DeFi Supercharger

Supercharge your DeFi investing by using scaling networks to shrink transaction fees and skyrocket your transaction speeds.

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Pro Level – Advanced Courses

If you really want to go pro you can enhance your skills even further with advanced courses that go into more specialized knowledge areas.

35 Lessons

Crypto Exchange Mastery

Make crypto trading second nature by mastering the exchange platforms.

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66 Lessons

The Master Cryptocurrency Trader

Learn a complete system for trading and multiplying your Bitcoin. I designed this course for anyone who is coming to trading for the first time.

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32 Lessons

Blockchain Security Essentials

How to make your crypto impossible to steal, hack or lose. The primary purpose of this course is to take you from that state of generalised anxiety to a state of calm confidence.

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55 Lessons

Digital Money Revolution

Master the basics of Bitcoin and own a stake in the future of money. The primary purpose of this course is to take you from confusion to the point where you can talk about the digital money revolution confidently.

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26 Lessons

Money Likes You

Turning your social media time into an automated income stream.

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Omniscient Level – Know Everything

If you simply cannot get enough crypto knowledge and want to know everything you possibly can then joining Cryptoversity as an ongoing member is the way.

We’re still setting up this level.