DeFi Supercharger

Supercharge your DeFi investing by using scaling networks to shrink transaction fees and skyrocket your transaction speeds.

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This program is for people who have graduated from my DeFi Revolution program or those who have some experience with DeFi but are struggling to get the most out of it because of high transaction fees and slow transaction speeds on the main Ethereum network.

By The End Of This Course You Will…

  • Have slashed the cost of your DeFi transactions by 90% or more

  • Increased the speed of your DeFi transactions by a factor of 30

  • Understand blockchain network congestion and why scaling solutions are needed

  • Have knowledge of the 4 best scaling solutions available right now

  • Have your MetaMask wallet setup to effortlessly access the 4 best scaling networks

  • Know how to move your assets to these scaling networks

  • Be able to manage all scaling networks using the same Ethereum wallet address

  • Be able to keep track of which networks your assets reside on

About Instructor

Chris Coney

Founded Cryptoversity in 2015 after discovering Bitcoin the previous year. Chris holds an honors degree in computer science and has studied economics, financial markets and investing since graduating university in 2004. Cryptoversity now serves as the vehicle to carry out his personal mission.

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