Digital Money Revolution

Master the basics of Bitcoin and own a stake in the future of money.
The primary purpose of this course is to take you from confusion to the point where you can talk about the digital money revolution confidently.

This course has an interesting approach to helping you understand Bitcoin.

It starts out with a definition, which to begin with will make absolutely no sense to you.

Then the definition is broken down piece by piece. Each piece is given it’s own lesson and explained clearly. Then as the course progresses you will gain a better and better understanding of the definition.

By the end of the course, when you read the definition again, you’ll have the understanding of all the pieces. When you see them all put together you’ll see the true magic of how Bitcoin works as a whole.

By The End Of This Course You’ll Have Learned…

  • How to explain Bitcoin to other people so that they understand it
    They say that you do not understand something unless you can explain it to someone else. By the end of this course you’ll be able to speak to others about Bitcoin confidently.

  • How to explain to other people what is wrong with our current financial system
    Once people understand what is wrong with the current system it’s much easier for them to understand how amazing Bitcoin is as the solution.

  • The various roles you can play in the Bitcoin economy
    Once you have a firm understanding of Bitcoin then you can decide which role you wish to play yourself.

  • How to setup your own easy to use Bitcoin wallet
    You’ll get setup with a wallet that works seamlessly on your phone and on your computer.

  • How to explain to other people why Bitcoin is inevitably going to change the world
    People can read about Bitcoin online endlessly, but if they have someone they know who gets it, that’s incredibly valuable to them.

  • How to use Bitcoin to protect your wealth from an economic crisis
    Bitcoin is becoming a safe haven because it exists outside of the old financial system. Bitcoin lives on the Internet which exists in it’s own virtual realm.

Course Content

Bitcoin - The Technology

Bitcoin and Currency
Why Our Current System Is Broken
Bitcoin Wallets
Supporting The Bitcoin Economy
How To Get Some Bitcoin
How To Spend Bitcoin
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About Instructor

Chris Coney

Founded Cryptoversity in 2015 after discovering Bitcoin the previous year. Chris holds an honors degree in computer science and has studied economics, financial markets and investing since graduating university in 2004. Cryptoversity now serves as the vehicle to carry out his personal mission.

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