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Welcome to social media 3.0, social networking on the blockchain.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube are all out of date. That’s social media 2.0. You have to setup an account on each one, there’s no share in the ad revenue they generate, AND you have to build up a separate following on each one.

It’s exhausting. You do all the work, they make all the money. They also ban who they want, when they want, for whatever reason they want.

They are huge corporations. They care about the price of their shares on the stock market and they’ll suck as much value out of you as they need to in order to pump that stock price.

By contrast, blockchain based social networks belong to the people who hold the token that powers the network, creating an incentive for everyone and a benefit for everyone. It’s a win / win.

With blockchain based social networking, you own your account, your data, your privacy and no one can take it from you.

This program will enable you to:

  • Discover a brand new blockchain based social network
  • Setup an account in the very first lesson
  • Use one account to access multiple blockchain based social network apps
  • Follow people, topics and communities of interest
  • Turn you account into a valuable asset
  • Like people’s posts to earn them cryptocurrency at no cost to you
  • Make posts and earn crypto when people like your post
  • Earn crypto for commenting on other people’s posts
  • Earn crypto for helping the community identify good content
  • Earn crypto for introducing other people to blockchain based social networking

About Instructor

Chris Coney

Founded Cryptoversity in 2015 after discovering Bitcoin the previous year. Chris holds an honors degree in computer science and has studied economics, financial markets and investing since graduating university in 2004. Cryptoversity now serves as the vehicle to carry out his personal mission.

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