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  • Chris

    April 20, 2021 at 12:00 pm

    Hi Robin,

    The interest rate varies every week. As more Bitcoin is available for lending, the lower the interest rate gets.

    As more Bitcoin is being borrowed, the higher the interest rate gets.

    The rates are all set by the market in real time.

    If Bitcoin fluctuates down it doesn’t matter because all the payments are done in BTC. For example if someone deposited 1.0 BTC into Celsius and the average interest rate was 5% over 12 months, their balance would be 1.05 BTC. It makes no difference what price BTC is in US dollars.

    The interest rate is the same whether you deposit $10 of BTC into Celsius or $1m.

    The current interest rates are displayed on Celsius home page at: https://celsius.network/