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Learn Only What Works In Crypto

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Outcome Based Education

Protect your wealth

The money in your bank earns almost no interest and is devaluing faster than ever due to the rate at which new money is being created by governments and central banks.

Earn a yield through investing

Investing to earn a rate of return that beats 2% inflation is great... except the real rate of price inflation is closer to 10%. Crypto is one of only a few assets that you can use to get ahead.

Earn an income through trading

Crypto asset prices swing wildly. While this scares some people, others see it as a huge earning opportunity.

Become hopeful about humanity's future

It's easy to fall into despair when you look at all the problems we have in the world, but are there any real solutions that work? And what are they? We'll teach them to you.

Have Fun By Learning for intellectual stimulation

The rate of innovation in crypto is so rapid and creative you'll never have to face boredom again. Crypto is so fascinating that many people learn about it just for fun!

What's Possible In Crypto

Make Huge Capital Gains

It is quite common for certain new crypto assets to grow by 1,000% or more in less than a year. There are no opportunities like this in the traditional financial system.

Earn Much Better Yields With Low Risk

The crypto economy offers the opportunity for you to invest your regular savings for yields of 10% or more. You can do this without even touching crypto assets.

24/7 Unlimited Trading For The 21st Century

Crypto trades around the clock creating profit opportunities for you all day, every day, no matter where you are on the planet, using nothing but a smartphone.

Invest With Purpose

'Do well by doing good' as they say. Make guilt free profits by investing in projects that bring an increasing amount of empowerment to every global citizen.

Contribute To The Greater Good

Use your skills to help build the new crypto economy or simply take payment in a form that no one can devalue, take from you or stop you from receiving.

Avoid Getting Scammed, Cheated or Lied To

You want value for money. But how do you know you are going to get it? Typically, you don't. You have to hand over the money first and then hope that everything the company said in their sales and marketing was true.

But what normally happens after you buy something?

You find out they exaggerated or outright lied about how good the product or service was in order to get you to buy it. Then you feel cheated. You might even blame yourself, thinking you should have known better.

This Needs To Stop

Instead of hyping something up to the point that you are convinced to buy it, what if you got the product first and then (if it was any good) you paid for it?

Better yet, what if you paid the amount you felt it was worth?

It would save you all the time doing research and reading reviews

The only reason you do that is because you don't fully believe what the company says about their own product. You want to know other people's opinions to avoid buying something that turns out to be a disappointment.

You get the value before paying money

Instead of paying money before getting the value, you get the full value first and then pay the money, only after you have acquired the full value of the product by consuming it.

The value is determined by you alone

Having a fixed price doesn't make any sense because the value of a product differs from person to person. If everyone pays the same price but doesn't get the same value, that's not fair is it?

So once you've consumed a product of ours and have received the full value, then you make an honest assessment of what it's worth to you, then pay us that amount.

This is how the Cryptoversity honor based pricing system works

Get guaranteed value for money by only paying for the value you personally received.

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