The Bitcoin Triangle

Learn 21 fast track ways to make and save with Bitcoin (starting from scratch).
The primary purpose of this course is to equip you with 21 fast track ways to make and save with Bitcoin, nothing more.

Welcome to The Secrets Of The Bitcoin Triangle, a course focused entirely on practical ways to make and save with Bitcoin, starting from scratch.

If you want to skip the unnecessary technical explanation of Bitcoin and get straight to specifics of what you can actually do with it, you are in the right place.

There are some things you’ll learn how to do in this course that were not even possible before Bitcoin was created.

On top of that this course is organised around a special framework that I created called the Bitcoin Triangle which groups everything you need to know into three areas.

So it helps you see exactly where you are in your learning and how it fits in to the overall goal of making and saving with Bitcoin.

This Course Uses Honor Based Pricing
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By The End Of This Course You Will…

  • Have your very own Bitcoin wallet setup
    This is a wallet that works both on your phone and can be accessed on your computer.

  • Have your wallet setup more securely than the vast majority of Bitcoin users
    In fact you’ll end up with your wallet setup more securely than people who have been using Bitcoin for years.

  • Have learned more than 20 practical ways to make and save using Bitcoin
    Once you know them all you can pick one, two or all of them to put into practice.

About Instructor

Chris Coney

Founded Cryptoversity in 2015 after discovering Bitcoin the previous year. Chris holds an honors degree in computer science and has studied economics, financial markets and investing since graduating university in 2004. Cryptoversity now serves as the vehicle to carry out his personal mission.

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  • 49 Lessons
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