The BrainCell Token (BCELL)

This is a token we created and issue to students to represent the BrainCells you build by taking our cryptocurrency courses.
You earn BCELL tokens for every course you complete.

They derive their value from the fact that we run exclusive live seminars on Zoom that you can only participate in by paying a fee in BCELL.

That means in order to attend one of these private classes you either need to:

1. Be a loyal student of Cryptoversity who has completed many courses and accumulated enough BrainCell tokens


2. Have bought the BrainCell tokens from one of our students who has earned them

We are actively seeking to add more use cases for BCELL so please post your own ideas in the BrainCell forum.

Token Details

Ticker Symbol:BCELL
Platform:EOS Mainnet
Contract Address:mybraincells
Max. Supply:100,000,000,000
Token Owner:chrisjsconey

Where To Buy BrainCell Tokens

You cannot buy BCELL tokens from Cryptoversity. We only issue them to students who have completed our courses.

So it’s up to the free market to trade them.

Since BCELL is a token based on the EOS blockchain we are hoping that a group of our students use something like Defibox to create a liquidity pool for the BrainCell token.

That would then allow the token to trade openly on the market without our involvement.

When we discover that a liquidity pool has been created or an exchange has listed the BCELL token, we will update this page and link to them.